Water Resource Value

The Rights Side of H2O
The Mojave Water Company does not draw from the Colorado River, which serves the Phoenix and Las Vegas metropolitan areas. Instead, it pulls water from streams that traverse the Sacramento Valley Basin watershed. Since the watershed contains a vast quantity of water, there are no pumping restrictions and no special water rights permit required.

The Mojave Water Company’s facilities include a 24-hour self-serve dispensary that allows customers to access water from our million-gallon tank anytime with just a credit card.



Economic Development Value

Primed for Development
The Mojave Water Company provides a commercial and industrial source of clean water, making it ideal for development. Home to the Chrysler Proving Grounds and the likely home of a Wal-Mart distribution center, the area surrounding the company boasts all major utility services: electricity, natural gas and fiber optics. With its stunning mountain backdrop and sunny disposition, Mohave County is the ideal home for both residential and commercial development.


Geographic Value

Location. Location. Location.
Mojave Water is just minutes from Kingman and Lake Havasu City, AZ on the I-40 corridor that connects California to New Mexico as well as major metropolitan areas within Arizona.
The proposed Interstate 11 project—connecting two of our biggest trading partners, Mexico and Canada—will run concurrently with I-40 for a portion of its projected path.



Historical Value

From Route 66 to 2016
Yucca’s existence is a direct result of its access to reliable water. It began as a water and service stop on the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad and even served as a site for a World War II army base to train pilots. In 1954, Ford Motor Company bought the former base and turned it into a proving grounds for automobile development and testing. The proving grounds changed hands when Chrysler bought it in 2007. Yucca was even part of Route 66 from 1952 until the early 1970’s when Interstate 40 replaced the part going through Yucca.

Community Value

Community Matters
The Mojave Water Company provides faster, more reliable water, which benefits local communities. Not only can current residents take advantage of the service, but future residents will be able to as well since it allows for more residential development. Even the local firefighters can benefit from the new water service in the event of a life or death emergency.